Introducing the top 5 magnetic drills in the market

Introducing the top 5 magnetic drills in the market

The best magnetic drill in the industry market today has special features that will help you make the ideal choice. A drill is a suitable tool for drilling holes and destroying various construction materials. This device has different types and is divided into different categories. In this article, we will introduce you to four-slot, five-slot, and magnet drills. At first, we will introduce different drills to you, and finally, we will name the best magnetic drill from different brands on Radiraan tools website. Stay with us.

To buy the best drill magnet in the market, you must first have sufficient knowledge of this tool and its desired quality. Be careful that there are many types of useless and low-quality products in the market, that’s why you should pay attention to the special points mentioned in this article when buying drill magnets. Stay with us to provide you with explanations about the best magnetic drill in the market.

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Getting to know the drill

Getting to know the drill
Drill magnets are tools that are used to drill different metal surfaces. This device has magnetic bases and magnets that firmly adhere to the surface and perform the drilling operation. Drilling with this device is much easier than any other method. Magnet drills are often used for drilling with depths of 100 mm and diameters of 120 mm. If you want to make smaller holes in the surface, you can also use drill magnets. It is good to know that these drills are used in construction companies as well as various machine factories.

The drill performs drilling operations in different sizes and diameters with the help of round or spiral drills.

Drills that are capable of drilling and destroying are known as dual-purpose drills, and drills that are only used for drilling are called single-purpose drills. Four-slot and five-slot drills are also among the most famous double-sided drills in the market.

If we want to categorize the types of drills in general, we must mention the types of electric, pneumatic and rechargeable drills. These several drill models are different in terms of performance and are classified into several different categories. The main parts of any electric drill include motor, battery and three systems. The drilling power of each drill depends on its electrical power.

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The best drills in the market

The best drills in the market
In the topic of the best drill magnet, you should know the brands that produce this product and which of them are among the best. The drills of Radiraan Tools specialized site are undoubtedly among the best drills in the market and are among the old tools for demolition and drilling. In the following, you will get to know the types of drills:

Destruction drill
This type of drill is used to destroy all kinds of structures and walls. In general, it can be said that demolition drills are specialized tools that are used in various jobs involved in construction work. A demolition hammer may also be used in this operation, but this device does not have the ability to pierce and is used professionally for carving.

It is good to know that the higher the weight of the demolition drill, the more it can be used in demolition.

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Home drill
The drills have three systems with sizes of 10 and 13 mm, and their power is between 500 and 900 watts. These specifications are for home drills that are very light and are used for drilling concrete, clay and brick.

Sarkej drill
Sarkej drills are another type of drills that consist of hand drills and screwdrivers and do the work of normal drills. with the difference that it has a shorter head and a longer handle than normal drills. The head of this type of drill has a 90 degree angle and, as mentioned, it has a short head. The user can start the riding operation in different and limited spaces without involving and shaking his arms. This tool has a small volume, but it has the ability to drill accurately. It also has two rechargeable and electric models. These types of drills consist of 3 wrench systems that are suitable for drilling metal and wood. One of the features of the tilt head drill is the ability to adjust it in the left round direction as well as the right round direction.

column drill
Before we go to the best magnetic drill, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of drills so that you can decide which one is best for you. This model of drills has a very high transmission power and is placed vertically or standing. For the firm placement of this tool, heavy bases are installed. This drill has a table and can perform drilling operations vertically. This drill model is used in industries and is used in factories and workshops.

Agitator drill
Another electric drill is a mixer drill, which is used to mix and mix thick materials like cement. This tool has control keys and is also used in the market for thinner materials such as paint or grout.

Magnetic drill
Magnetic or magnetic drills are portable tools that have a strong magnet in their base. This drill model, which is very popular in the market and for various uses, is used for drilling and cutting steel and also materials similar to steel.

it will be It should be noted that these types of drills cannot be used in difficult situations such as vertical metal pieces or construction beams without the use of a magnetic base, because in these conditions, the user’s access is very limited and it is not possible to perform cutting and drilling. In order for this product to be fixed, its magnetic base is connected to the metal surface for better cutting and drilling operations. These types of drills are the best drills for high speed and high precision drilling.

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The best types of magnet drills

The best types of magnet drills
There are different types of drill magnets, each of which has its own characteristics and capabilities. The most important types of these drills are electric magnetic drills, pneumatic or air drills, hydraulic drills, and rechargeable drills.

Electric drill is one of the most used and common drills in the world, which is an ideal choice for spaces that have access to electricity and are dry and moisture-free.
Pneumatic devices also operate with a compressor. If you are in a humid environment, you can use this device. This tool can even be used in flammable environments.
Its hydraulic type is one of the best magnet drills, which is used for drilling in wet or underwater environments. For this reason, this type of magnetic drill is widely used in the construction of oil wells and marine industries. This tool is completely waterproof and by having a closed loop in the device, it prevents water from penetrating inside the engine.
The rechargeable magnetic drill is also one of the best magnetic drills on the market. This product is rechargeable and its production is limited due to its relatively high price. This drill can only be used in cases where electricity is not available to you.
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Introducing 5 magnet drills in the market
Promotek and Hilti are among the best brands in the production of industrial tools, among which the magnet drills of this company are world famous. If you hear the name of the best drill magnet, you will certainly hear the name of these brands along with it. In this section, we try to introduce you to the best-selling models in the market.

Introducing 5 magnet drills in the market

Promotec magnet drill from Poland, model PRO-62, the best magnet drill
The weight of this tool is about 17 kg and its motor power is 1600 watts. This drill is called the best magnet drill because the speed of one is 160 revolutions per minute and the speed of the second is 390 revolutions per minute. The strength of its magnet is 1122 kg, its drill bit is 65 mm and its stroke is 95 mm. This type of magnet drill has HSS and TCT drill bits.

This machine has a cooling system with a very strong engine, a gearbox and two heavy speeds. The design of this magnet drill model has two cylindrical rods that cause the drill to go up or down vertically. The handle of this device is three pieces and is generally considered one of the excellent tools for drilling operations.

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German BDS magnet drill, model MAB 1300
This drill is another one of the best magnetic drills in the market, which has a motor with a power of 2300 watts.

Its weight is 51 kg and its base dimensions are 120 x 360 x 67 mm. BDS is one of the best magnet drill brands in Germany. With a magnetic indicator, this drill has a unique quality and one of its features is heat protection. This magnetic drill is widely used in heavy industries because this product is one of the most complete and professional magnetic drills in the market. This device has the required safety features and also has a special sensor to prevent overheating.

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German Ebenstock magnet drill, model EHB 32/4.2, the best magnetic drill
This product is an excellent device for use in metal and wood industries. This drill has a four-round gearbox and is an ideal product for drilling on various aluminum, wooden and steel surfaces. One of the features of this drill that makes it the best magnet drill is the use of morse conical drills up to size 32. With this drill, you can drill a hole up to a depth of 32 mm. Among the specifications of this device, we can mention its weight of 4.6 kg, motor power of 1800 watts and voltage of 320 volts.

Jepson Power Belgium magnet drill MAGPRO 35 model
This drill is also one of the best magnetic drill available in the market, which is a very powerful product for drilling and drilling. This product is made in Belgium and weighs 12 kg. The very high engine power of this machine is one of the features that made this product one of the best-selling products in the market and many people want to buy it. This Jepson drill model has 13 drill bits from 1 to 13 rounds, as well as 35 round drill bits.

PRO-40 PRO-40 magnet drill from Poland
This drill model is one of the best magnetic drills that are very light and have one speed. Promotek drill can be called one of the most widely used drills in the industry. The light and compact design of the motor with a heavy gear box and suitable weight made this product one of the best magnet drills in the market. The power of the motor in this drill is 1020 watts and it has the capacity to drill holes with a diameter of 40 mm and a depth of 52 mm. The user can use this device in the direction of left and right rotation.

Jepson Power Belgium magnet drill


The best drill

Gent is a device in the market that has high power and great engine power. Getting to know the types of drills as well as the different brands of drill magnets can help you choose an ideal product. If you want to buy an ideal device, you just need to know its specifications completely and know its features, then you can make the purchase. Among different types of drills, drill magnets have a special place and are designed and produced in different brands. After reading this article, you got acquainted with 5 models of the best drill magnets in the market.

If you intend to buy a magnet drill, you can buy your drill from the specialized website of Radiran tools. You can also contact our free consultants and ask your questions before buying.

All products on Radiraan’s specialized tools site have a guarantee of authenticity and a 7-day return. We are waiting for you in Radiraan.

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