The role of soapy water in industrial uses

The role of soapy water in industrial uses

Soapy water is widely used in industries such as turning, pressing and metal cutting. Soap water is also known as soluble oil and soluble oil in the market. In order to get to know more about this widely used solution, stay with us until the end of this article from the specialized site of Radiraan tools.

What is soapy water?
Soapy water or soapy water oil is a liquid that dissolves with water and forms a stable emulsion. This liquid has a milky color. If you use this solution, metals will be more resistant to corrosion and rust. One of the advantages of using soapy water is that it does not mix with water. Emulsion plays an important role in the use of soapy water.

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What is soapy water?

What is an emulsion?
When water and oil particles are mixed together without being combined with each other and the particles are dispersed among each other, it is called emulsion.

Emulsions are formed from two liquids that never mix with each other. Liquids usually have two categories, water and oil. Oily liquids are only dissolved in oil and aqueous liquids are dissolved in water.

Compositions of soapy water
The use of soapy water becomes meaningful with the help of a substance called emulsifier. This material helps to reduce the speed of chemical reaction in materials and makes the soap water stable.

Different types of soapy water available in the market
There are different types of soapy water or soluble oil according to their different uses. Each of them is used in different industries of lubrication, metalworking, turning and industrial. In the following, we will learn about different types of soapy water.

Oily soapy water
Nano oily soap water
Synthetic soapy water
Biocoolant soapy water
Nano soapy water
Different types of soapy water

Ingredients of soapy water
The main ingredient of soapy water or soluble oil consists of water. Emulsifier and stabilizer are used in this material. In order to prevent soapy water from foaming too much and blocking the view, a substance called antifoam is poured into it. Also, biocides and anti-rust additives are another main ingredient added to the soapy water solution. Biocides are added to soapy water to stop the growth of bacteria and fungi. The use of soapy water with these additives is very important.

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What is the use of soapy water in industries?
Soapy water is used for various purposes in industries. In the following, we will examine some of its main uses together.

Using soapy water as a lubricant
They use soapy water in order to reduce the friction during work and thus reduce the heat produced between metals. With this, the friction between the desired surface and the cutting tool is reduced and the temperature is reduced.

Using soapy water as a coolant
In various industries, a lot of heat is naturally generated during cutting due to high friction. In works that shape metals or cut them, soapy water is used as a coolant to speed up and improve the quality of the work. Soapy water is mostly used for cooling in works that need a little time to do. In long work, soapy water is not an answer and you should use other coolants.

Uses of soapy water as an anti-rust
As you know, the use of soapy water is when working with metals. Metals can rust over time. To prevent rust, you must use soapy water. With this, metal products will not rust for months.

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Classification of soaps

Classification of soapy water in industries
The use of soapy water or soluble oils for use in different industries are divided into three categories: industrial, semi-industrial and mineral.

Industrial soapy water
Because they have a synthetic chemical base, they are called synthetic oils. Synthetic oils spread easily in hard water. This model of soapy water plays an important role in preventing the growth of bacteria. The industrial model of soapy water has a long lifespan and has great cleaning properties.

Semi-industrial soapy water
Most of the volume of water ingredients in semi-industrial soaps is water, and the chemical oil added to it has a small volume. For this reason, it is called semi-synthetic or semi-industrial. This model is used to lubricate CNC machines.

Mineral oils
The main base of these oils consists of minerals. These materials have high sulfur content and are heavy. There are different models of thin, thick, clear and dark mineral oils available in the market, which you can get one of them according to what you want to do.

Benefits of using soapy water

The benefits of using soapy water in industries
Fluidity and cooling is one of the properties of using soapy water in industries.
It has the property of spreading without combining with water and forming a milky emulsion.
The colloidal substances in the oil contained in the soapy water prevent rusting of metals.
It has anti-foam material to prevent excessive foam and your vision will not be taken while working.
The use of soapy water has a great effect for working on metals due to the absence of chlorine, ammonium and nitrite.
Long service life is another application of soapy water in industries.
Cleans the work surface.
It will prevent metals from rusting in the long term.
In using soapy water, there is no need to add fatty acids and esters for lubrication.
The use of soapy water is very important in various industries that cut metals

. Sometimes soaps have an unpleasant smell that can be recognized from a distance. This smell is due to the presence of bacteria in the soap water storage tanks and the reason for this is the use of low quality oils. Therefore, these materials should be purchased from reliable stores and sites to ensure the quality of the purchased materials.

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