Technical points of using the sheet-rolling machine

Technical points of using the sheet-rolling machine

The use of the sheet metal beveling machine is used for metal beveling such as iron, steel and steel. First of all, we should know what is a sheet metal cutter so that we can know what it is used for. In this article, we will briefly explain about this device and its types, then we will explain how several models of paver work in full. Stay with us until the end of this article from Radiran Engineering’s commercial site to get to know more about the manual for working with this device.

What is chamfer?
The chamfering machine is used to prepare metals before welding on pipes and sheets to smooth jagged and uneven surfaces. Also, the use of a planer is used for surfaces that you want to have a beautiful appearance. The chamfer removes the sharp edges and leaves a smooth surface. The chamfer does this easily by beveling the edges with the help of diamond blades.

Factors influencing the purchase of paver

Factors influencing the purchase of paver
You should pay attention to a few things when buying a paver, we will see these things together.

chamfering width
Metal diameter
chamfering angle
Dimensions of the chamfer
metal material
In what industries is the paver machine used?
The use of a plate flattener is used to smooth and prepare metal sheets and pipes before welding, in order to improve the butt welding process. This device is used in shed construction industry, construction of metal structures, building skeletons, bridge building and shipbuilding industries. Chamfering with this machine is done by cold method.

The chamfering operation is usually silent and it is enough to lock the sheet to the machine so that the automatic machine can perform the operation without the need of the operator. If the device is manual, operator power is also needed.

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Types of paver machines

Types of paver machines
There are different types of sheet metal cutters, some of which we will examine below.

Paver with a base
This device is used for small to medium diameter sheets. Just fix the sheet on the machine. Manually start the operation by moving on the base guide rails. Tungsten diamond blades do the cutting.

Mobile electric planer
They use this mobile device for metal sheets that you want to be beautiful and elegant. But the sheets should be small. You can chamfer the internal and external surface with this device.

Mobile pneumatic paver
You can use this device in places where there is no electrical outlet. The use of a pneumatic sheet bending machine is similar to electric bending machines. One of the important advantages of this device is its lightness and easy use.

Different chamfering angles

What is conic?
The chamfering operation in welding is called taper. In order for the welding operation to be clean and smooth, the edges of the pipes are usually chamfered. This work should be done carefully and the design and chamfer angle should be chosen correctly in order to increase the quality of welding.

Different chamfering angles
When using the sheet-roller, you must pay attention to the angle that is required. In the groove formed between two sheets, welding is performed in the form of a groove. This groove is done in the following ways.

V-shaped saddle
Round edged half skirt
U-shaped tulip
beveled edge
J-shaped semi-tulip
A round-edge skirt
Choosing the right chamfering angle
According to groove welding, chamfering angle is determined. Choosing the right welding angle increases the strength of the weld so that it does not break easily. The chamfer of the sheet is determined according to the skill and experience of the operator. What angle is needed for thick sheets and what type of welding should be done depends on the experience and skill of the operator. For example, if the diameter of the sheet is 1 cm, it should be butt and butt welding.

chamfering in all types of joints
In the following, we will examine some types of chamfering together.

The use of a plate-making machine in T-shaped joints
In T-shaped joints, two sheets are placed vertically on top of each other. Welding is done on the heel and where the sheets are placed on top of each other. In order for the operation of connecting the sheets to be done correctly, one side or both sides use a sheet chamfer. Which side to be chamfered depends on the thickness and welding method, which must be recognized by the operator.

Face to face
The thicker the sheets we prepare for welding, we should use chamfering in the shape of V and U. Usually, the chamfering of the sheet is done on two sides in this mode.

corner connection
In this connection model, due to angled welding, you can not bend the sheets and simply weld.

The use of a sheet folding machine

Why is it important to use a sheet metal folding machine?
There are many reasons for chamfering. The chamfering of the edges of the metal sheet is used for welding preparation. If two workpieces are to be welded together, edge preparation is essential. The use of a sheet metaller ensures that the connection of both work pieces is done in the best way. Also, the welding quality has increased and rust does not occur at the welding site.

What power does the paver work with?
There are three possible ways to use the sheet folding machine. The devices are electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. You choose the device according to the place where you want to perform the operation.

The difference between manual and pneumatic sheet metallers
The sheet folding machine is produced both manually and automatically. In manual chamfers, the machine performs the operation with the help of the operator. This model produces clean sheets with smooth edges. Because hand pressure controls the quality

Ned. Manual chamfer is used for thin metals.

In the automatic type, we do not need any operator power. By fixing and locking the part, the machine does all the work. This chamfer is used for sheets that are more than 12 mm in diameter.

What is the difference between fixed and portable paver?
Fixed chamfers are usually used in factories and workshops due to their large size and weight. This model cannot be moved anywhere and is placed at the end of the production lines.

Because of their small size and light weight, portable paver can be taken with you and used for mobile work and in construction projects.

Technical points of using the sheet-rolling machine
It is necessary to use a sheet-cutting machine to connect two pieces or sheets in the best possible way. By using different types of this device, you can smooth the sharp parts and edges of the two parts. This device rounds the sharp edges of the metal sheets by changing the angle of the edges connecting the two pieces to each other. In order to use each of these devices, it is necessary to be familiar with the technical points of working with them.

. Technical points of using Enko RAPID UZ 15 chamfer
Enco UZ 15 RAPID paver is made in the Czech Republic, which has a unique power compared to other paver of its class in the market. This device is used for chamfering iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum sheets. This device has the ability to bevel sheets with a thickness of 6-40 mm. The chamfering angle of this model is between 15 and 50 degrees and the chamfer width is defined as 15 mm. By using the UZ 15 RAPID sheet metal folding machine, it can be hooked to sheets or workpieces. In this case, while fixing the device on the work piece, the chamfering operation can be done in horizontal or vertical mode. In case the device is used with an electric trolley, it is possible to turn the device upside down to tilt the lower part of the plate or metal sheet.

In order to use the UZ 15 RAPID model sheet folding device, it can be easily installed and used on the carriage (holder). In this case, there is also the ability to rotate the device for use under the sheet and create double-sided chamfers. This feature eliminates the need to turn and move heavy sheets. The design of the device is such that it can be assembled or disassembled in a few seconds even without the need for special tools. To adjust the height while working with the device, you can use the designed lifting handle. This model can be used both stationary and portable.

. Technical points of using Enco UZ 18 HARDWORKER chamfer
The UZ 18 HARDWORKER model is one of the best two-sided (X, K) sheet planers without the need to move the work piece and with an automatic advance feature. This device can be used for chamfering steel, brass, copper and aluminum with a thickness of 6 mm, length of 150 mm and width of 70 mm. It has the ability to bevel sheets with a thickness of 6-40 mm. In order to use the UZ 18 sheet beveling machine, the bevel angle can be set between 15-50 degrees. For chamfering sheets or large workpieces, this machine does not need a holder. But for the ease of using the device, it can be connected to the holder.

. Technical points of using UZ 12 ULTRALIGHT Enco planer
The use of the UZ 12 model sheet bending machine is suitable for copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and general steel sheets. To use this device, the workpiece must be 65 mm wide, 60 mm long, and 3 mm thick. The chamfering angle is defined as 30, 45, 22.5 and 50 degrees. It is possible to change the chamfer angle in the device by changing the kit. The speed of advancing or chamfering in this model is 1.8 meters per minute. The progress of the work is automatic and with very low noise. Double-sided chamfering can also be done in this machine without moving the workpiece.

The surface of the sheet or workpiece must be completely smooth and without any joints or welds before being placed under the machine. By using the included tape related to chamfering angle, the desired angle of the work direction can be set. The width of the chamfer should also be adjusted using the corresponding tape. Next, by aligning the device horizontally on the work piece and turning it on, the chamfering operation is performed on the piece at the mentioned speed.

. Technical points of using Enco UZ 30 EXPRESS model
UZ 30 chamfering machine is suitable for chamfering aluminum alloys, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, hard metals and all cutable materials. This device performs chamfering operation by milling or chipping method. In this device, chamfering operations can be carried out without the need for a holder. In order to use the UZ 30 sheet planer, the thickness of the parts for operation is defined as 2-1000 mm. The maximum chamfer width in this model is 30 mm and the chamfer angle is between 30-60 degrees. In this model, every minute between 0.6-3.5 meters of the work piece is chamfered.

The progress of the machine on the part must be maintained uniformly. After turning on the device and adjusting the angle and width of the chamfer, the chamfering operation of the sheet is done automatically on it. If the diamond plate of the device is damaged and the chipping is not done, the replacement of this part must be done while the device is turned off. In this connection, special accessories for the device must be used.

. Technical points of using Enko UZ 29 SPEEDER chamfer
Enco chamfer model SPEEDER UZ 29 for chamfering ordinary steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, brass and copper sheets with a thickness of 6-60 mm

is used. The chamfering width of the machine is 0-29 mm and the chamfering angle is 30, 22.5, 45 and 50 degrees. Parallel to the movement of the machine along the machined steel sheet, it performs the chamfering process at a speed of about 2 meters per minute. Of course, in this device, there is also the ability to perform this process for small and large volume of work on a fixed basis. By using the UZ 29 sheet metal folding machine, due to the device being equipped with an extremely strong drive system, noise pollution does not occur during operation. This device has a 3D manual rotation mechanism and can be used horizontally and upside down.

The guide roller of the sheet grinding machine must be fixed with a washer and a nut in the position of the hole associated with it. By placing the device on the workpiece and turning it on, the device performs chamfering operations at a speed of 2 meters per minute, parallel to the advance on the sheet. The diamond plate of the machine, while advancing, causes chipping and smoothing of the workpiece.

. Technical points of using BDS chamfer model EKF 300.3
Using the EKF 300 sheet metal cutting machine, metal components made of steel, non-ferrous metals, brass and stainless steel are cut at a speed of 6000 rpm. The chamfering angle of this machine is 30 degrees and the chamfering width is 0-50 mm. This model has 3 triangular shaped carbide grade pieces that can be used from three sides. The EKF 300 model has a very good performance for chamfering the edges with appendages and cut pleats and the outer edges of the profile.

Before working with the machine, it is necessary to completely smooth the surface of the workpiece, so that there are no slags, joints or welds in it. Chamfering operation is performed by adjusting the chamfer width and angle using the device adjustment screw and fixing the workpiece horizontally. While the machine is moving on the sheet or workpiece, the chip removal operation is performed against the direction of the machine movement.

· Technical points of using BDS chamfer model EKF 545
The use of the EKF 545 sheet bending machine provides high-quality performance and the possibility of superior welding. This manual chamfer can be easily controlled by a single operator. The smooth roller guides designed in this model allow easy control of the device for its continuous operation. This model has the ability to chamfer with an angle of 45 degrees and a width of 0-12 degrees. Its cutting mill is ZFR 545 and advances in the workpiece with a speed of 1850-3350 rpm.

In order to use the EKF 545 model, the driving force is provided by the operator. This manual process is fully controllable. During the chamfering operation of the part, the quality of the chamfer is controlled by the guide of the machine itself. After the operator turns on the machine and adjusts its engine speed, the machine moves on the edge of the workpiece. Parallel to the progress of the workpiece, the machine chamfers and smooths the sharp edge of the workpiece.

Safety tips when using the sheet metal cutting machine
The router must be placed horizontally and firmly on the table or floor. The desired metal must be fixed on the device. If the edges of the sheet have roughness, before starting work, be sure to remove the roughness by grinding and then start chamfering.

What is the difference between fixed and portable paver?

The use of sheet metal sheeting machine is different according to its type and application. If you intend to buy this device, you can contact the numbers on the Radiran website and get the necessary guidance from our professional consultants.

You can get all the industrial and household tools, such as types of magnetic drills and high-performance chamfering machines, from Radiran’s specialized website for the sale of industrial and household tools. we are waiting for you.

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