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About Radiraan; The only specialized drill magnet store in Iran

Radiraan Engineering Trading Store was founded by Reza Momqanirad in 1999 with the vision of providing domestic consumers with easy access to the modern tools of the world of technology, with the slogan “Reliability, trust and quality are not cheap”.

Reza Momqani Rad, the founder of Bazgani Radiran Engineering, in order to combine the merits of traditional business with the advantages of modern products, has placed the center of this business in Fatholeh Momqani Rad tool store on Sepeh Street. This store, which was established in 1968, has long been an important reference for access to quality tools.

Bazgani Radiran with more than twenty years (fifty years including the background of his father’s store) of continuous work experience in the field of import and sale and production of industrial tools, along with importing quality goods and teaching how to use the products correctly, periodic service and replacement of parts Defective devices with original parts of the manufacturer are on his agenda. Also, as an official representative of the world’s top quality and important tools, in addition to the main warranty of manufacturers and suppliers, it has also added a special magnet drill warranty to the products.

Along with the official representative of German brands Fe Powertools, Karnasch, BDS, Eibenstock, Radiraan also represents Jepson Power in Belgium and is one of the direct sellers of Enco Check tools. (NKO) and Promotech (promotech) of Poland.
In addition to the mentioned brands, if you are looking for cheap but quality products, you can also buy Ronix Iranian products from this store.
In addition to guaranteeing the originality of the product, Radiraan provides products at the lowest possible price to its customers by eliminating intermediaries. Also, for the well-being of users, both in bulk and individually, with direct support, it has paved the way for the entry of the latest technology in the world into the industrial cycle of Iran.

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