Which drill is better for metal drilling?

Which drill is better for metal drilling?

Drilling metals with a drill is used in various industries due to their efficiency. Drills are made of different types and shapes. The coating layer on the drills also has different materials, which causes resistance and differences in its applications. The most widely used types of drills are diamond drills and iron drills. The diamond drill is mostly used for the wall and the iron drill, as the name suggests, is used for iron. In the following, we will learn more about the types of drills suitable for drilling in iron. Stay with us until the end.

Suitable drill material for drilling

What kind of drill is suitable for metal drilling?
Drills are made of different materials and shapes, and below we will examine the types of drills suitable for drilling on metals.

Metal drilling with HSS drill
Metal drilling with HSS drill is very popular. The material used in the construction of this drill is high speed steel. The very high resistance of this drill makes it used for drilling in metals. These drills are often made of tungsten, chrome and vanadium. These alloys make drills durable for drilling on thick metals with high density such as iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum. You should know that the HSS drill has different coatings, each of which has a different resistance.

Titanium coating drills
Metal drilling with titanium drill is used for high resistance metals. These drills are made of high-speed steel with titanium coating, which are known as titanium drills. The probability of breaking this drill is very low because the titanium layer that is stretched over it has made the drill very strong. In addition to titanium, titanium compounds such as titanium nitride, titanium aluminum nitride are also used as a coating on this type of drill. All these drills are called titanium drills.

Cobalt drill
HSS drills that have cobalt alloy are known as cobalt drills. Cobalt used in these drills makes the drills not burn and easily sink into thick metals during drilling of metals with a drill that produces a high temperature.

If cobalt coating is used in the drills, their resistance will increase and the failure of the drills will be reduced. In addition to the material of the drill, you should also pay attention to the size of the drill. You should use a spiral drill to drill metal with a drill with a width of 6 mm. To work with this model of drills, it is better to first make a small hole on the surface and gradually change the size of the drill to reach the desired size. In these cases, it is better to use a rotary drill so that you can make a big hole easily.

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Low carbon steel spiral drill

Low carbon steel spiral drill
Spiral drills are usually produced with low carbon and high carbon steel materials. Low carbon drills are less expensive than high carbon drills. Metal drilling is not done with a low carbon drill because it has less resistance and breaks sooner.

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High carbon steel drill
These drills use steel with 50% carbon. Due to the presence of a lot of carbon in them, they are more expensive than other drills.

Drill with black oxide coating
Steel drills that have a black oxide coating on them have high resistance so that they easily create holes in hard steel. The chemical combination of the steel inside the drill with the existing salt creates a black color on the drill.

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What drill model is most used for drilling on metals?
When choosing a drill, in addition to paying attention to the type of drills, their shape and efficiency are also very important. Drills have different uses, that’s why you should first know what you want to use the drill for. In the following, we will get acquainted with the applications of the suitable drill for metals.

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Sample drill

Sample drill
Metal drilling with a sampler drill is usually used to create very large holes. The shape of sampling drills is hollow cylindrical, which allows us to create large holes. These drills are usually used for drilling holes in metals with a thickness of 10 mm.

Step drill or pine
If you want to have holes of different sizes, it is better to use stepped drills. This wastes a lot of time. You don’t need to constantly change the size of the drills. You can make holes with different diameters by having a step drill or a drill bit. It is enough to go from small size to large size to reach the desired size. This drill is usually used for metals with a thickness of 4 mm.

The only problem with using pine drills is sharpening them. Ordinary people cannot sharpen drills easily. But you can take the help of professionals to sharpen your drills easily.

Steel rotary drill
Metal drilling can be done easily with a rotary drill. Steel has high density and density, and the drill needed to drill it must be strong and strong. Therefore, they use rotary drills. The drills must be tightly closed on the drill so that they do not come out of the three systems during work and do not cause danger. But note that when drilling on steel, be sure to use a slow drill.

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Short and long spiral drill for metal

Suitable iron drills have two sizes, short and long, which are used to drill iron, cast iron and steel. Long drills are used for drilling holes in thick metals such as cans. But be careful to use the slow speed of the drill when using it, because the possibility of breaking the long drill increases at high speeds. They use a short drill for thin metals.

Short spiral drill

What points should be paid attention to when drilling metals with a drill?
During metal drilling with a drill, because the chips are spread around, it is possible to enter the eyes and cause irreparable damage. For this reason, you must use protective glasses to protect your eyes.

It is better not to use gloves when drilling metal with a drill. Because the glove may get stuck to the drill and cause damage.

It is better to make a mark on the metal with hand sander and hammer so that the drill tip does not deviate from the surface while working. The hole you made will allow the drill bit to fit right in and prevent the drill bit from sliding.

If you create a hole with a thickness of 0.3 cm, it is better to lubricate the drill. By doing this, friction between the drill and metals is prevented and the life of the drill increases. In addition, lubrication makes it easy to make holes on the surface.

Important tips for metal drilling with a drill

When drilling metal with a suitable drill, you must cover the surface tightly. Never use your hands for this. It is better to use two clamps to maintain the metal surface. Otherwise, it is possible that the drill bit gets stuck in the metal and the metal surface moves. This is very dangerous and will cause serious damage.

After drilling, you must remove the chips from the surface. Be careful as the shavings are hot. Also, the edges of the created hole are the winner, so do the chipping more carefully.

At the beginning of the work, you should use the lower round of the drill. Because at high speeds, there is more friction and a lot of heat is generated at the beginning, which reduces the life of the drill. In case of excessive heat production, stop the drill and start working again with low speed.

If you need a large number of holes, you should place two pieces of wood around the metal and start drilling. With this, the metal will not slide during work.

For metal drilling with a drill, according to the desired surface, you should use different materials, shapes and sizes. In this article, we examined the types of drills suitable for metals. If you intend to buy industrial, semi-industrial and household drills, drills and tools, it is better to go to Radiran tools specialized site. All products have a guarantee of product authenticity, 7-day return and fast shipping. Also, before buying, you can call the numbers on the site and benefit from the free advice of our experts. We are waiting for you in Radiraan.


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